Bruce Erik Brauer

Bruce has been the proud occupant of Mr. Walter Cronkite’s historic corner office known as “The Wolfs Lair” within the New York CBS Broadcast Center.

For over a decade, he has been leading the charge of the Creative Advertising + Promotion force for the entire CBS Owned + Operated Stations Group.

In his spare time Bruce can be found motorcycling around North America on his Road King Classic®

Let’s Go Mets!

SVP Creative / CBS Television Stations Division

Lee Grossman

Lee Grossman has been with CBS since 1998, currently serving as Director of Promotion and Marketing for New York, and the CBS Television stations group. Grossman has been passionate about television and New York City for his entire life. He enjoys Bloody Marys and photography. In his downtime you can find him hanging out at the dog run, with his cocker spaniel, Elliott. Lee loves being part of the process of bringing imagination to life. Lee also goes by the name Bevin in certain circles. Yes it’s confusing, but he likes it that way.

VP / Promotions & Marketing, News

Doug Holly

Design Director

Jennifer Hancox

She’s a NYC Promo expert. Mom of two crazy kids. Loves wine. Hates whiners. When Hancox is not producing award winning spots- you can probably find her anywhere from coaching kids on the Soccer field to sharing a good laugh with friends… with a glass in hand, of course!

Hancox is the fourth generation of TV workers in her family. She’s met dozens of celebrities. And can do anything she puts her mind to- like playing the Viola (what?) and… even tap dancing! Shuffle off to Buffalo, anyone? (tap term)

Hancox’s most embarrassing moment was when she met John Travolta on a red carpet. She stuck a mic in his face to ask him a quick question… and nothing came out. Can you say tongue tied?! Humiliation truly set in when he asked her if she was feeling ok.

Hancox lives by one rule “Work hard, play hard… and always say “Thank You”!

CBSN Liasion - Senior Writer/Producer

Danielle Jones

Emmy nominated Editor born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. A lover of music and a passion for storytelling, Jones uses editing to express her different forms of creativity. As the Editor/Producer for creative services at CBS 2, she edits marketing, image and topical campaigns. In her spare time you can find Danielle reading, catching a new flick, dining at a hip new restaurant, belting out karaoke, or bowling strikes at the alley. A lover of beauty and fashion, Danielle is constantly experimenting new looks by changing up her hairstyle or makeup … which keeps her co-workers on their toes! Jones is also a mom of a two year old boy named Niles. In between editing new cutting edge promos, styling fabulous hair and keeping up with the latest fashion and makeup trends, she also runs a tight household and is currently acing potty training!


Robinson Fernandez

Robinson Fernandez is an Assistant Art Director at CBS with more than 16 years of motion and graphic design experience. He is named after his great uncle Ernesto. Robinson has multiple personalities with multiple design skills…which for the most part are all great, except two.

Assistant Art Director

Heather Talerico

Heather’s not getting out of the kitchen anytime soon… she thrives in high-pressure environments!

This New Jersey native has a true passion for the fast-paced world of broadcast news and creative marketing.

She’s an award-winning producer with nearly 20 years under her belt.

When she’s not in the city, Heather can be found surfing some rip curls at the Jersey Shore or heading to Fenway for a baseball game.


Jennifer Bennett-Lee

Jennifer Bennett-Lee is an Emmy nominated Writer/Producer, and a 16 year veteran at CBS. She began her CBS journey as an intern in the Creative Services Department. Bennett-Lee is a New York native and graduate of St. John’s University. She juggles being a full time Producer and being a mother to two beautiful daughters. Jennifer loves running, playing softball and still despises laundry.

Sales Ambassador - Writer/Producer

Mark Magnus

Mark Magnus is a broadcast designer with 33 years of television experience in design for News and Post Production. He has a background in graphic design, television production, animation and print. Mark has taught at the School of Visual Arts in NYC, in the Computer Arts Undergraduate Department, teaching Photoshop, After Effects and related software for producing graphics. He currently lives in Brooklyn, with his wife, 19 year old son and a tuxedo cat named Pookers.

Assistant Art Director

James Erkman

A veteran of broadcast design, son of a poodle groomer and a river boat cook; James spent his formative years living in Virginia with his family in an artist’s commune, combination circus/glass blowing factory. He left home as a teen, for Los Angeles. There he pursued a career as an actor, enjoying some early success as “Willie” in the television series “Stop That Chimp!” He later joined the design collective Sassafras & Humboldt. He spends his spare time honing his craft as lead kazoo player in a funk/Sabbath/jug band. He enjoys romantic comedies, antiques, and the superfluous use of commas…and just look at that hair.

Graphic Artist

Gaby Margolies

Gaby Margolies is a writer/producer who is living out her lifelong dream of having a TV at her desk.

With a penchant for entertainment that extends far beyond television, she also loves dance, theatre, movies, and whipping out her unhealthy amount of pop culture knowledge.

Young on the outside, grandma on the inside, Gaby enjoys a hot cup of tea, Barbra Streisand, and complaining about other millennials.

Writer / Producer

Tyrone Perry

Tyrone Perry is a SCAD Alumni, He has professionally worked in the television industry for the past 7 years. In 2010 He moved from Rochester to New York City to Intern with the VFX studio Click 3X. Where he later became a freelancer working with clients such as BudLight, E Trade and Subway. After working with varies studios, he came on board CBS as a Graphic Artist.

He recently received his first Emmy for his contributions to "Super Bowl 50."

Graphic Artist

Brian Kelly

Brian Kelly made his career debut as an Associate Producer at CBS.

Drafted from Penn State, his switch to city life has been an exciting change but he does miss the farmland of central PA at times. Brian is excited to bring his creative talents to CBS, where he served as a creative services intern before joining fulltime after graduation.

His stats include: eating 10+ PBJ sandwiches a week, poorly singing Top 40 songs to himself and catching up on Netflix whenever he can.

This rookie is ready to shake up the television scene one edit at a time!

Associate Producer

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